Welcome to DS Pharma Biomedical

DS Pharma Biomedical is a company distinctly positioned in healthcare arena, dedicated to Diagnostics and Cells.


DS Pharma Biomedical has been developing and marketing unique in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) test kits that make a difference in people's health. We are constantly looking for new technologies and approaches that will lead to an improvement in diagnosis and well-being of people. Learn More >>


We started our distribution of Cells to researchers in Japan in 1970s and have been the leader in this field since then. By leveraging our strong expertise on Cells, we are now actively pursuing the development of new supporting technologies for Regenerative and Cellular Medicine, as well as of new tools/options for scientific community. Learn More >>

Our Enduring Passion

As an unique company dedicated to Diagnostics and Cells, DS Pharma Biomedical continues its endeavors in pursuit of delivering new values/products to the societies around the globe.


What's New

March 16, 2016 Product information for “MC-210 (Mycoplasma Removal Agent)” and “Block Ace (Blocking Agent)” added on “Cells” page.
July 21, 2015 “POCA® Hand1-EST (in vitro Teratogenicity assay)” kit launched
December 11, 2014 ”Human Three-dimensional (3D) Cultured Skin "HADA (High-performance and Advanced Dermal Assay)” model launched
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July 1, 2014 New English website launched