Cells - Our Strategic Focus

By leveraging our expertise on Cells we have built over the years, we are focusing our efforts on developing valuable tools/options to scientific community, leading to optimization of research performance and productivity.

Cell Assay System

POCA®(Point of Cell Assay)

Our unique POCA®Product Line encompasses our expertise in Cells - employing our Artificially Differentiated and Matured Stem Cells.
It offers ready-to-use cell assay systems, close to in-vivo model, thereby reducing cost/time and experimental animal use during drug discovery process.

◇POCA Hand1-EST (in vitro Teratogenicity assay Kit)

Mycoplasma Removal Agent


MC-210 is an anti-mycoplasma agent containing a 4-oxo-quinoline-3-carboxylic acid derivative. This agent has been shown to be effective in the elimination of various types of mycoplasma including Mycoplasma orale, M. arginini, M. hyorhinis and Acholeplasma laidlawii from contaminated cultures. MC-210 can be used very conveniently, simply added to cell cultures and incubated for a week. It is NON-toxic to cells, and will NOT interfere with the viability and function of cells in culture.

◇MC-210 (Mycoplasma Removal Agent)

Blocking Agent

Block Ace

BLOCK ACE is a unique blocking agent prepared from lactoprotein for use in immunological assays such as ELISA and Western blotting. It may also be used for diluting antibodies and samples and for washing microplate and membrane in the above assays. In comparison to BSA, BLOCK ACE exerts more excellent blocking effect on nonspecific binding of antigens or antibodies and improves the signal-to-noise ratio of immunological assays.

◇Block Ace (Blocking Agent)